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WHO Model List of Essential Medicines

The World Health Organization program on Essential Medicines improves the availability of medicines to people in many countries. Students, with the help and guidance of Dr. Marcus M. Reidenberg, prepared applications to add propofol and glucagon to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. They also sent in applications to revise the list of medicines for treatment of acetaminophen (Tylenol) poisoning and of heart failure. The students are: Daniel Agarwal, Dorothy Chyung, Brittany Carson, Lina Yi, Lena Makaroun, Sharline Madera, William Shipman, Nicole Ramsey, Kristi Shigyo, Isa Watson, Rosa Kim, and Sandeep Kishore. These applications are posted on the WHO website. Public comment is invited by WHO. The applications will be acted upon at the next WHO Expert Committee meeting in March.

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