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News and Updates

pharmacology, lorraine gudas, cancer research nyc

Dr. Lorraine Gudas was just selected to be an ASPET Fellow.

This is an honor given to just a few individuals each year who have made major contributions both in research and in leadership in the pharmacology/chemical biology research community. For more information, click this link:

lisa placanica phd, pharmacology

In Alumni News: Dr. Lisa Placanica, former student in Dr. Li's Lab, appointed position at WCM.

To read more click here.

Ari Melnick Pharmacology

Dr. Ari Melnick is recognized by the American Society of Hematology for Advancing Treatment of Blood Cancers with Epigenetic Research.

To read more, click here

pharmacology new york city

September 8, 2020: A Lovely Recent Publication in Cell Reports from Drs. Miklos Toth & Kristen Pleil!

For more information, please click here...

pharmacology new york city

September 3, 2020: Dr. Li and colleagues publish a key Alzheimer’s disease study in Nature.

pharmacology new york

August 26, 2020: Today, we celebrate 100 years since the ratification of the 19th amendment!

A new statue was unveiled today in NYC's Central Park, a statue honoring real women-Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, three New York women of different races, educational and economic backgrounds, and religions coming together in the fight for equality


Welcome to our First Year Pharmacology PhD Students! This photo was taken at the start of the Pharmacology “Bootcamp” course.

john blenis and ana

Dr. John Blenis and colleagues show that methylmalonic acid, which accumulates with aging, promotes tumor progression. For more information about these exciting findings, click here

yueyang Weill cornell

Dr. Yue (Cindy) Yang, who works with Dr. Anthony Sauve, has many reasons to celebrate recently. Click to read more

In February, 2020, she was named a J. of Biol. Chemistry/Tabor Award winner and was invited to speak at the ASBMB annual meeting. To read more, click here:

Rossetti weill cornell

Tom Rossetti (Drs. Buck and Levin lab) was awarded an F31 fellowship from NIH (NIA). The title of his proposal is "Activation of Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for the Treatment of Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disorders.”

Leona Nease Pharmacology graduate program nyc

Pharmacology PhD student Leona Nease in Dr. Elena Piskounova's lab was awarded an F31 fellowship for her research proposal titled: “Regulation of the Selenocysteine Stress Response in Cancer Metastasis". Great Job Leona!!!


Congratulations to Joanna Luo for her F31 fellowship award for her project titled: Mechanism of Gamma-secretase Modulators from NIA! Joanna is doing her PhD research in Dr. Li’s lab.


The Pharmacology PhD Program is pleased to announce that Heather Jones just received an NIH F31 Predoctoral Fellowship. The title of her research proposal in the Scheinberg lab is: A High Throughput Method to Determine the Target of T Cell Receptors.

Kyle planck

Pharmacology PhD student Kyle Planck was awarded an F31 fellowship for his research proposal titled: “Metabolic impact of tryptophan synthase inhibition in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and implications for rational combination therapy.” Very nice, Kyle!!


Drs. Jaffrey and Zaccara Find that Depletion of All 3 YTHDF Proteins Promotes Leukemia Differentiation. Congratulations to you both on your article in Cell.


Remain strong....We will be able to defeat SARS-CoV-2!!

essential workers

Thank you to all of the essential workers, health care workers, and scientists for helping to solve the Covid 19 crisis!

jochen buck and lonny levin

Drs. Lonny Levin and Jochen Buck have a new publication in Cell Metabolism focused on the mechanisms involved in the development of non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis. Congratulations!


Dr. Naomi Oreskes, a professor of the history of science at Harvard, gave a fascinating lecture as part of the Science and Society series at Rockefeller University. The lecture was titled: Why Trust Science? and was based on her new book.


Faculty Position in the area of Chemical Biology Available

Applications are invited for a tenure track appointment as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology ( at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City.  The department faculty members have diverse research interests that include chemical biology, cell signaling and regulation, cancer pharmacology, neuropharmacology, metabolism, and cardiovascular pharmacology.



Dr. Charles E. Inturrisi has been selected to be the "Gavril Pasternak Memorial Keynote" speaker at the International Conference on Opioids (ICOO2020), May 30 - June 1, 2020.

Dr. Inturrisi was a friend and collaborator of the late Dr. Gavril Pasternak (MSKCC). This will be the ninth year of this world-renowned conference in Boston. The goal of the International Conference on Opioids is to provide the information and education needed to alleviate the risk of misuse or abuse and move the standard of care so that when necessary, opioids can be properly used to help those in pain.

chiosis gabriela

Two very exciting, high impact papers have just been published by Dr. Gabriela Chiosis and her lab members!

Weill Cornell Medicine, Pharmacology Seminar

In the Graduate School’s Science and Society Lecture Series, Dr. Robbert Dijkgraff, a physicist and the Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, gave a very entertaining, well-attended lecture on “The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge.”

The search for answers to deep questions, motivated solely by curiosity and wihout concern for applications, often leads not only  to the greatest scientific discoveries but also to the most revolutionary technical breakthroughs….”  Many of our Pharmacology PhD students also went out to dinner with Dr. Dijkgraff after his talk.


Dr. Blenis and colleagues publish a stellar article about epigenetic changes in cancer metastasis, changes that could lead to new drugs for treatment.

Click here for link to paper: Dynamic Incorporation of Histone H3 Variants into Chromatin Is Essential for Acquisition of Aggressive Traits and Metastatic Colonization.

Gomes AP, Ilter D, Low V, Rosenzweig A, Shen ZJ, Schild T, Rivas MA, Er EE, McNally DR, Mutvei AP, Han J, Ou YH, Cavaliere P, Mullarky E, Nagiec M, Shin S, Yoon SO, Dephoure N, Massagué J, Melnick AM, Cantley LC, Tyler JK, ...

james lo

Dr. James Lo publishes a key paper on the function of adipsin related to type 2 diabetes!

To read the news in the Cornell Chronicle: Click here and Click here to read the article.

Pharmacology Graduate School

Dr. Charles Inturrisi was honored by Dean Choi for 50 years of outstanding service as a faculty member in the Pharmacology Dept.

jochen buck and lonny levin

Drs. Levin and Buck Awarded a U54 Grant from NIH for their research.

Congratulations to Jochen, Lonny, and their colleagues for the U54 grant titled: On-Demand  Pharmacological Contraception by Blocking  ADCY10.

best graduate school in new york city

Dr. Jason Lewis was awarded an R35 Outstanding Investigator Award from the NCI. Congratulations go to Dr. Lewis!


Nanosensor Paint for Microalbuminuria! Congratulations go to Dr. Dan Heller and his colleagues for their recent publication in Nature Communications.

For more information, click here:

Dr. Xiao-Han Tang

Dr. Xiao-Han Tang is promoted!

Dr. Tang is now an Associate Professor of Research in Pharmacology, and congratulations are in order!

Samie Jaffrey Weill Cornell Pharmacology

Dr. Jaffrey and colleagues publish a paper in Nature about how m6A enhances mRNA phase separation potential.

New York City, Pharmacology, Dr. Melanie Balbach

Dr. Melanie Balbach, a postdoctoral fellow with Drs. Buck and Levin, received a two-year, MCI (Male Contraceptive Initiative) fellowship.

Congratulations, Melanie! For more information, click:

Lorraine Gudas The Pharmacologist

ASPET's quarterly news magazine, The Pharmacologist, features Dr. Gudas’ ASPET-JPS March 2019 lecture in Osaka, Japan.

The Pharmacologist, ASPET's quarterly news magazine featured Dr. Gudas' ASPET-JPS Lecture at the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Pharmacological Society.PDF icon lorraine_gudas_aspet.pdf

aashiq mirza, faten taki, pharmacology, weill cornell

Drs. Faten Taki and Aashiq Mirza, postdoctoral fellows in the Pharmacology Dept. in Dr. Toth and Dr. Jaffrey’s labs, respectively, participated in a Life Sciences Fair on Capitol Hill.

This fair, sponsored by FASEB, showcased federally funded research. About 200 people, including many Congressional staff members, attended. Drs. Taki and Mirza ran a WCM booth and held a workshop titled: Make your own DNA Necklace. (They brought suitcases with lots of detergents to Capitol Hill for this!)  What a wonderful way for scientists to interact with interested government officials!!  Here is a picture of them with one of Rep....

John blenis, Gina Lee

Dr. Gina Lee is awarded a 2019 Tri-Institutional Breakout Award for Junior Investigators.

In a study published in Cell, Dr. Lee and Dr. Blenis and their colleagues showed that mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) promotes RNA splicing of fat-producing enzymes required to synthesize lipids for tumor growth.  For more information about Dr. Lee’s award, click here….

Jan Grimm, Edwin Pratt, Monica Guzman

Graduate student Edwin C. Pratt, and faculty Drs. Guzman and Grimm publish a key article in Nature Biotechnology!

For a link to the article, click here. Exciting, collaborative research!

Shino Murakamo, Weill cornell, Pharmacology

Dr. Shino Murakami postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Jaffrey's lab awarded a 3 year fellowship from the DOD Breast Cancer Program

On April 1, 2019, Dr. Shino Murakami, a postdoctoral fellow in the Jaffrey lab, was awarded a 3 year fellowship from the DOD Breast Cancer Program. The title of her fellowship project is: The Role of RNA Methylation in Breast Cancer.  Congratulations are in order!
Jason Lewis

Dr. Jason Lewis receives the Paul C. Aebersold Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular imaging.

minkui luo, pharmacology, weill cornell

Dr. Minkui Luo is awarded an R35 MIRA award from NIGMS. Great news, Minkui!

john blenis, pharmacology, weill cornell

Dr. John Blenis is honored at the WCM Graduation Ceremony in Carnegie Hall.

Dr. Blenis received the Siegel Family Award for Outstanding Medical Research, which honors a faculty member whose research is extraordinary.  It is wonderful that a Pharmacology Dept. faculty member was selected for this great honor.
Miklos toth, Pharmacology, Weill Cornell

Dr. Miklos Toth Receives the 2019 Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award for the Pharmacology PhD Program.

He received the award at the Weill Cornell Graduate School Convocation ceremony. Well deserved, Miklos!! Dr. Toth is the 5th person pictured from left to right.

Samie Jaffrey

Dr. Samie Jaffrey is Awarded an Outstanding Investigator R35 Grant from NIH.

This is a very competitive and prestigious 8 year award which provides long-term support to accomplished researchers with superb records of research productivity who propose to conduct extraordinary research. The title of the award is:  New mechanisms and technologies for understanding post-transcriptional gene regulation in neurons.  Congratulations to you, Samie, and your research colleagues!!

Jacob Litke

PhD Student Jake Litke Creates Perfect Storm for RNA Aptamer Expression

TPCB student Jacob Litke and Prof. Samie Jaffrey at Weill Cornell have developed a system that allows highly efficient expression of circular RNA aptamers that are resistant to exonucleases. Publishing in Nature Biotechnology, they showed that their “Tornado” expression system is some 200 times more efficient than previously reported systems, opening the door to broad applications of circular RNA aptamers to probe cellular processes.

The 35th duVigneaud Symposium, featuring posters and talks from our PhD students, was a huge success.

Here is a picture of the first year students who won prizes for their posters, Daniel Worroll and Svena Verma.

Lisa Standke

Lisa Standke, a PhD student in Derek Tan’s lab, wrote an article for Science Journal for Kids

Lisa Standke, a PhD student in Derek Tan’s lab,  wrote an article for Science Journal for Kids-the goal is to adapt current research articles into age-appropriate language for K-12 readers.

Very nice, Lisa.   Here is the link:...
steven gross, quiying chen, weill cornell

Drs. Steve Gross, Qiuying Chen, and Changyuan Lu are authors of a study with Dr. Lew Cantley.

The article is published in SCIENCE magazine, showing that high fructose corn syrup causes larger colon tumors in mice.  Congratulations! Click here to see the article.

From left to right: Dr. Chen and Dr. Gross

pharmacology in new york

Weill Cornell - 9th in the national rankings of Best Medical Schools

pharmacology in new york, weill cornell

Stealth Biotherapeutics, the company founded by Dr. Hazel Szeto

On February 15, 2019, Stealth Biotherapeutics, the company founded by Dr. Hazel Szeto, a WCM Pharmacology professor, ~ 12 years ago, priced its IPO today of 6.5M ADSs, each representing 12 ordinary shares of Stealth, at a price of $12.00/ADS, for expected gross proceeds of $78M.

Lorraine Gudas

In Osaka, Japan, Dr. Lorraine Gudas was selected by ASPET to deliver the keynote address at the annual Japanese Pharmacological Society meeting.

Her talk was titled: Combining Pharmacology and Genetic Approaches to Study and Treat Human Diseases.

Lorraine Gudas, TedTalk

Dr. Lorraine Gudas gave a TEDX Talk at Wake Forest University on February 23, 2019.

Samie Jaffrey Steven Gross

Dr. Samie Jaffrey and Dr. Steve Gross published a key paper in the field of small nuclear RNA regulations in Nature Chemical Biology this week. Congratulations!


November 13, 2018

Ms. Lissett Checo, center, was honored by the medical college for 25 years of outstanding service in the Pharmacology Department administration! 

Jonathan Zippin

November 10, 2018

Drs. Zippin, Buck, and Levin publish a groundbreaking study on how skin color is established.

To read the article, click here.

Women Rock Stars poster

October 22, 2018

Dr. Lorraine Gudas is named as one of the top women "rock stars" of science at the annual meeting of the European Society of Medical Oncology. 

Samie Jaffrey

October 10, 2018

Dr. Jaffrey Co-Founds a New Biotech Company.

To read more, click here.

Cynthia Quintero

August 30, 2018

Dr. Quintero's Research is Published!

Dr. Cynthia Quintero, PhD student mentored by Drs. Gudas and Luo, published her research on CARM1! Here is the link: click here.

Yueming Li

April 26, 2018

Dr. Yueming Li was chosen as the recipient of the Weill Cornell Graduate School Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award for the value of his teaching and mentoring of WCGS students. Dr. Li was nominated by, Drs. Derek Tan, David Scheinberg, Lisa Placanica and Natalya Gertsik and will be presented this award at the Weill Cornell Graduate School Convocation Ceremony on Wednesday, May 30, at 10 a.m. in Uris Auditorium. Congratulations Dr. Li!

Dr. Jaffrey in lab

April 18, 2018

Pathway to Stop Diabetes Visionary Award Recipient

Weill Cornell Faculty member, Dr. Samie R. Jaffrey has received the Pathway Visionary Award for his basic research project titled, "Rewiring Cellular Metabolic Networks in Diabetes." Dr. Jaffrey is developing a new type of gene therapy that will allow liver cells to "sense" metabolic abnormalities that occur in diabetes and then stimulate the production of proteins that would correct liver function.

Lorraine Gudas, Emanuela Folco, David Hajjar, & Randi Silver

April 12, 2018

Scientists from the Giovanni Lorenzino Medical Foundation met with Weill Cornell faculty. 

Pictured at lunch are: Lorraine Gudas, Emanuela Folco, David Hajjar, & Randi Silver. In the second picture are Roberto Levi, Guido Rasi, & Sergio Pecorelli. Dr. Rasi is the Executive Director of the European Medical Agency and he also gave a lecture titled: Role of Regulatory Agencies in the Development of Innovative Drugs.

Thomas Rossetti

April 4, 2018

Tom Rossetti won the first year poster prize in the 38th annual Vincent du Vigneaud Research Symposium from his work in Dr. Kristen Pleil’s lab.

Edwin Chuck Pratt

March 27, 2018

Chuck Pratt, a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Grimm, has a new publication, titled: Nanoparticles as multimodal photon transducers of ionizing radiation, out in Nature Nanotechnology.

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