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Faculty Research Areas

Signal Transduction/Cell Signaling

John BlenisHugh C. Hemmings, Jr.Yueming Li
Jochen BuckSamie R. Jaffrey James Lo
Paraskevi GiannakakouAlex KentsisNeal Rosen
Steven S. GrossRichard KolesnickCharles Rudin
Lorraine J. GudasRoberto Levi
Daniel HellerLonny Levin

Neuropharmacology, Neuronal Signaling & Drugs of Abuse

Hugh C. Hemmings, Jr.Roberto Levi
Charles E. Inturrisi Lonny LevinMiklos Toth
Samie R. Jaffrey
Yueming Li
Francis S. Y. LeeKristen Pleil

Cancer Pharmacology

John BlenisSamie R. JaffreyAri Melnick
Renier J. Brentjens
Alex KentsisNeal Rosen
Paraskevi GiannakakouMichael KharasCharles Rudin
Lorraine J. GudasYueming LiDavid Scheinberg
Daniel HellerIngo MellinghoffJonathan Zippin

Molecular Pharmacology

Gabriela Chiosis Charles InturrisiAnthony Sauve
Yael DavidAlex KentsisCharles Rudin
Paraskevi GiannakakouRoberto LeviDerek S. Tan
Steven GrossIngo MellinghoffMiklos Toth
Daniel Heller Kristen Pleil

Drug Discovery and Development

Gabriela Chiosis Yueming LiCharles Rudin
Samie R. JaffreyAri MelnickDavid Scheinberg
Alex Kentsis Neal RosenDerek S. Tan

Chemical Biology

Daniel BachovchinDaniel HellerMinkui Luo
Gabriela Chiosis Samie R. JaffreyAnthony Sauve
Yael DavidYueming Li Derek S. Tan

Molecular Imaging/Cancer Diagnostics

Jan GrimmJason Lewis

Antimicrobial Pharmacology

Derek S. Tan

Renal Pharmacology

Jochen Buck David ScheinbergLorraine J. Gudas

Drug Metabolism


Daniel BachovchinDavid Scheinberg

Analgesics and Pain

Charles E. Inturrisi

Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Roberto Levi Geoffrey Pitt


Richard Kolesnick David Scheinberg

Clinical Pharmacology

Ingo K. Mellinghoff

Molecular Toxicology


Stem Cell Pharmacology

Lorraine J. Gudas Monica L. GuzmanMichael Kharas

Drugs of Abuse

Charles InturrisiKristen Pleil


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