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Laboratory Rotations

Three laboratory rotations are required of each student. Rotations are intended to assist the student in selecting a lab and mentor for thesis research and provide an opportunity for the student to participate in the diverse research activities available within the Program. 

Students wearing lab coats talk with professor.

Exposure to the research interests of faculty will be presented during the Sept/Oct Meet the Faculty series. Rotations are typically 8-10 weeks in duration, but may be longer during a period in which the student is actively engaged in course work. 

Rotations should be no longer than 3 months in duration. Under special circumstances a student may be permitted to do fewer than 3 lab rotations (e.g., in a case where the student has entered the Program with a Masters degree). More than 3 rotations are available to students who desire additional lab exposures prior to selecting a thesis lab.

Each lab rotation MUST be approved by the Program Director BEFORE THE START of the rotation.


Rotation 1

Rotation  2 Rotation 3 Additional Rotation Thesis Advisor Year Entered
Agustinus, Albert   2018
Brown, Annalyn Sauve   2018
Cai, Winson Scheinberg Heller   2018
Corless, Broderick Tan   2018
Cullen, Quinlan   2018
Delos, Avelyn Mae Heller Lewis Tan   2018
Evans, Chiara Luo David   2018
Ferreira, Jacob Buck/Levin   2018
Hoxie, Helen   2018
Mack, Kyeara Luo Tan   2018
Olalde, Adam   2018
Patel, Payal   2018
Verma, Svena Tan Scheinberg   2018
Worroll, Daniel Kharas   2018
Yuan, Jiayi (Cassie) Li   2018
Zallar, Lia   2018
Bai, Yang Scheinberg Van Den Brink Heller Mittal Mittal 2017
Dikun, Krysta Crystal Scheinberg Melnick Gudas Gudas 2017
Falci, Jessica Pasternak Bachovchin Li   Li 2017
Hatfield, Pamela Heller Lo Van Den Brink   Van Den Brink 2017
Korsen, Joshua Heller David Lewis   Lewis 2017
Nagle, Veronica Gudas Lewis Mellinghoff   Mellinghoff/Lewis 2017
Nease, Leona Grimm Gross Piskounova   Piskounova 2017
Ng, Brandon Guzman Heller/Wolchok Li, Ming Van den Brink Van Den Brink 2017
Planck, Kyle Gudas Tan Rhee   Rhee 2017
Rossetti,Thomas Pasternak Pleil Buck/Levin   Buck/Levin 2017
Tse, Nathaniel Toth Lee Pleil   Lee 2017
Tylawsky,Daniel Guzman Heller Wendel   Heller 2017
Boby, Melissa Jaffrey Luo Tan   Tan 2016
Dacek, Megan Heller Scheinberg Lewis   Scheinberg 2016
Dong, Lauren Kentsis Wolchok/Merghoub Scheinberg   Wolchok/Merghoub 2016
Dorso, Madeline Rosen Heller Chandarlapaty   Chandarlapaty 2016
Isaac, Elizabeth Heller Luo Grimm   Luo 2016
Jonas, Lauren Lee Li Burre   Li 2016
Jones, Heather Scheinberg Kentsis   Scheinberg 2016
Khan, Jonathan Scheinberg David Lewis Brentjens Brentjens 2016
Luo, Joanna Gudas Lo Li   Li 2016
Osman, Vanessa Blenis Giannakakou Hemmings   Hemmings 2016
Parziale, James Gudas Lo Li Orr 2016
Silberman,Pedro Massague Scheinberg   Scheinberg 2016
Tang, Colin Bachovchin Elemento Mellinghoff   Mellinghoff 2016
Tully, Kathryn Heller Lewis Rudin   Lewis/Rudin 2016
Bebernitz, Christina Scheinberg Bachovchin Brentjens   Brentjens 2015
Chu, Karen Xavier Heller Rudin   Rudin 2015
Elzein, Arijh Kentsis Elemento Solit   Solit 2015
Fowler, Faith Luo Tyler   Tyler 2015
Jiang, Xinran Heller Hla Anrather   Anrather 2015
Lee, Jeanee Cesarman Hla Cantley Chi Lo 2015
Liao,George Brentjens Li *   Li 2015
Pasion, Joyce Scheinberg Li Guido-Wendel   Guido-Wendel 2015
Pimentel, Corrin Gudas Heller Rudin   Rudin 2015
Sridharan, Ramya Heller Bachovchin Kharas   Heller 2015
Wang, Mitchell Bachovchin Scheinberg Jaffrey   Huse 2015
Besselyanov, Valeryan Gudas Giannakakou   * 2014
Drakes, Dylan Giannakakou Brentjens Scheinberg   Brentjens 2014
Forbes, Lauren Heller Kentsis *   Kentsis 2014
Kubala, Jaclyn Gudas Heller Blanchard   Gudas 2014
Nie, Pengju Li Tan Jaffrey   Li 2014
Pratt, Edwin Grimm Heller *   Grimm 2014
Richardson, Chanel Heller Schwartz Rafii   Schwartz 2014
Tang, Beiyu Buck & Levin Blenis Luo Haynes Haynes 2014
Thompson,Tyler Buck & Levin Jaffrey Blenis   Blenis 2014
Yomtoubian, Shira Kharas Blenis Mittal   Mittal 2014
Jiang, Ming Kharas Luo Melnick   Luo 2013
Langenbacher, Rachel Levin/Buck Heller Gross   Heller 2013
Oh, Claire Sauve Li Scheinberg   Scheinberg 2013
Schacter, David Pasternak Li *   Li 2013
Schwartz, Benjamin Jaffrey Scheinberg Gross   Gross 2013
Standke, Lisa Jaffrey Luo Tan   Tan 2013
Stater, Evan Giannakakou Levin/Buck Gudas Scheinberg Grimm 2013
Zuk, Joshua Pasternak Rifkind Gross   Gross 2013
Akimova, Darya Heller Jaffrey Li Gross Gross 2012
Ballinger, Elaine Levi Luo Nathan   Nathan 2012
Blawski, Ryan Gudas Luo Melnick   Luo 2012
Chao, Wesley Luo Szeto Anderson   Szeto 2012
Ferranti, Charles Melnick Gross Kolesnick   Kolesnick 2012
Horoszko, Chris Gross Heller Cross   Heller 2012
Hsieh, Wan-Ying Mellinghoff Kharas *   Mellinghoff 2012
Kalish, Jocelin Luo Heller Gudas   Gudas 2012
Quach, Bonnie Melnick Kolesnick Szeto Christini Christini 2012
Quintero, Cynthia Gudas Luo Solit   Gudas & Luo 2012
Serio, Ryan Hla Boudker Gudas   Gross & Gudas 2012
Paresi, Chelsea Abbott Luo Li   Li 2011
DiNapoli, Sara Giannakakou Houvras Melnick   Houvras 2011
Evans, Christopher Chiosis Luo Tan   Tan 2011
Harvey, Jackson   Heller 2011xfer
Jeng, Paul Kolesnick Hla/ Di Lorenzo Cheng   Cheng 2011
Kaufmann, Michael Mellinghoff Rosen Felsen   Mellinghoff 2011
Mercer, Emily Melnick Evans Gudas   Evans 2011
Mills, William Szeto Beal Willis   Szeto 2011
Mukherjee, Suranjit Scheinberg Chan Chen   Chen 2011
Silveira, Julia Toth Rajadhyaksha Lee   Pickel 2011
Bonvicino, Christina Hemmings Toth Li   Hemmings 2010
Bozinoski, Marjan Toth Lee Kosofsky Jaffrey Mason 2010
Brandes, Alissa Gudas Li Hla   Li 2010
Chiu, Danica Giannakakou Melnick Li   Li 2010
Horstmann, Abigail Li Gudas Melnick   Gudas 2010
King, Elizabeth Abbott Lee Levi   Lee 2010
Mitchell-Laird, Emma Gudas Pasternak Toth   Toth 2010
Linscott, Joshua Sauve Luo Chiosis   Luo 2010
Maguire, William         Scheinberg 2010 MD/PhD
Minton, Denise Kolesnick Nathan Gudas   Gudas 2010
Moskatel, Elizabeth Rosen Scheinberg Mellinghoff Hla Hla 2010
Mulvey, J. Justin         Scheinberg 2010 MD/PhD
Verano, Alyssa Tan Luo Levin/Buck   Tan 2010
Wondimu, Elizabeth Levi Rifkind Abbott Levin/Buck Mary Goldring 2010
Boice, Michael Szeto Rosen Wendel   Wendel 2009
Fernando, Tharu Kolesnick Melnick Chiosis   Melnick 2009
Goldstein, Rebecca Li Melnick Scheinberg   Melnick 2009
Veomett, Nick Pasternak Scheinberg Haynes   Scheinberg 2009
Alexander, Courtney Abbott Levin/Buck Nimer Li Li 2008
Maksymiuk, Christina Szeto Luo Tan Nathan Nathan 2008
McBean, Jamie Jaffrey Gudas Luo   Luo 2008
Purtell, Kerry Abbott Nimigean Gudas Hemmings Hemmings 2008
Schrock, Joel Szeto Lee Pasternak   Pasternak 2008
Carson, Brittany Szeto Gin Giannakakou Brown Brown 2007
Davis, Tony Gin Tan Sauve   Tan 2007
Hansler, Alex Levi Scheinberg Gross   Gross 2007
Harkcom, William Jaffrey Gross Lee Abbott Jaffrey 2007
Kubek, Sara - - -   Mellinghoff/Rosen 2007xfer
Pickett, Julie Tan Lee Toth Pasternak Pasternak 2007
Sung, Matthew Szeto Jaffrey Giannakakou   Giannakakou 2007
Dincheva, Iva Zhivkova Hemmings Rosen Gudas Lee Lee 2006
Marcinkiewicz, Kasia Kolesnick Gudas Gross   Gudas 2006

* Students prior to completing their ACExam have not identified a major sponsor.
 - Rotation exemption.

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