Training Grant in Genetic and Environmental Influences of Addiction

Dr. Teresa Milner, Director

Dr. Charles Inturrisi, Co-Director

This training grant supports pre-doctoral training in the Weill Cornell Graduate School (WCGS) Neuroscience and Pharmacology Programs aimed at understanding the impact of genes and environment on drug addiction. A unique feature of this training plan is the diversity of faculty expertise in both genetic and environmental  factors that are essential for the emergence of addictive disease. Our faculty is also noteworthy for the breadth of the approaches they bring to addiction science.

Particular strengths of the training program include:

  • The experience of the Director and Co-Director in mentoring, teaching and drug abuse research.
  • The broad scope of multidisciplinary research training provided by the faculty.
  • Extensive collaborations and co-mentoring between the faculty.
  • The strong emphasis on “bench-to- bedside” translational research.

Beyond the laboratory, a new course entitled “Addiction and Society” developed by a group of graduate students in consultation with faculty, as well as a Drug Abuse focused retreat and WCGS developed programs in grant-preparation, will provide students with important training experiences in teaching, grantsmanship, and networking that will be essential for their career development. These courses together with the existing coursework and curricula, symposia and lectures, as well as each students individual training plan, will provide a solid foundation for the development of independent basic and clinical scientists in drug abuse research. 


Dr. Teresa Milner, Director
Professor of Neuroscience
Brain and Mind Research Institute
Weill Cornell Medicine
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Dr. Charles E. Inturrisi, Co-Director
Professor of Pharmacology
Department of Pharmacology
Weill Cornell Medicine
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New York, NY 10065
Tel: (212) 746-6235

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