Alumni - Current Positions

If you are an alumnus and your information is not up to date, please contact Aileen Rosales at  (212) 746-6250 to provide us with your current information.   

(updated 05/2023)

Name Year of Graduation Advisor's Name Thesis Project Current Position
Yang Bai 2024 Vivek Mittal

Epigenetic Regulation of Chromosomal Instability in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer



Keifer Kurtz 2024 David Scheinberg

Orthogonal approaches for enhancing immunotherapies

Scientist I at Immunai

Mildred Unti 2024 Samie Jaffrey

A Method for Expressing Circular mRNA in Mammalian Cells and its Use as A Therapeutic and Research Tool


Melissa Boby 2023 Derek Tan

Development of Adenylation Enzyme Inhibitors as Novel Antibiotics

Drug Discovery Fellow - D. E. Shaw Research
Broderick Corless 2023 Derek Tan

EpoxySEAKER: CAR T-Cell Model for Targeted Local Biosynthesis of Therapeutic Warheads

Senior Scientist - Pfizer
Krysta Dikun 2023 Lorraine Gudas

Investigating the Roles of Retinoic Acid Receptor (RAR) Alpha and Beta in Kidney Cell Types


Lauren Dong 2023 Taha Merghoub

Intermittent MEK inhibition with GITR co-stimulation rescues T cell function for increased efficacy with CTLA-4 blockade in solid tumor models

Postdoctoral Fellow - Merghoub Lab

Lauren Jonas 2023 Yueming Li

Interferon Inducible Transmembrane Protein 3 (IFITM3) in Alzheimer’s Disease and Tauopathy

Analyst at inThought Research

Jonathan Khan 2023 Wolchok/Brentjens

Rational Development of an Optimized CAR T Cell Platform for Therapy of Glioblastoma

Postdoctoral Fellow - Merghoub Lab

Kyeara Mack 2023 Jason Lewis

Antibody-Based Theranostics in Ovarian Cancer: Targeting MUC16 for Diagnosis and Radioimmunotherapy

Postdoctoral Associate - Brookhaven National Lab

Leona Nease 2023 Elena Piskounova

Selenocysteine tRNA Methylation as an Antioxidant Mechanism in Melanoma Metastasis

Postdoctoral Researcher - Weill Cornell Medicine

Kyle Planck 2023 Kyu Rhee

Harnessing Chemical Biology and Metabolomics for Preclinical TB Drug Discovery

Technical Advisor - McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP
Thomas Rossetti 2023 Jochen Buck and Lonny Levin

Optimizing Small Molecule Inhibitors of Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase (sAC) for Use as Male Contraceptives

Postdoctoral Associate - Buck & Levin Lab

Pedro Silberman 2023 David Scheinberg

Tumor Microenvironment Actuated T-Cells (MEAT-Cells) to Conditionally Express Chimeric Antigen Receptors and Mitigate Lethal Toxicity

Medical Student, The Ohio State University

Daniel Tylawsky 2023 Daniel Heller

Drug Delivery to Intracranial Tumors by Active Transport of Targeted Nanocarriers

Research Scholar at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center