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Journal Club

The Pharmacology Graduate Student Journal club is a regular meeting of Pharmacology graduate students interested in Bio-Medical research. To learn more of what they do, download the Journal Club Guidelines.

2019-2020 Schedule

(12:00-1:00pm) E-415, unless otherwise noted. (UPDATED 10.1.19)

October 11  INTRODUCTIONS & Yang (Shelley) Bai & Krysta Dikun
October 25Jessica Falci &  Joshua Korsen & Thomas Rossetti
November 8Leona Nease & Pamela Hatfield & Brandon Ng
November 22Kyle Planck & & Nathaniel Tse & Veronica Nagle
December 6Daniel Tylawsky & Albert Agustinus & Annalyn Brown
December 13Winson Cai & Broderick Corless & Quinlan Cullen
January 10Avelyn Delos Reyes & Chiara Evans & Jacob Ferreira
January 17Helen Hoxie & Kyeara Mack
January 31Payal Patel & Svena Verma
February 14Daniel Worroll & Jiayi (Cassie) Yuan
February 28Lia Zallar & Ifeh Akano
April 3Caroline Broderick & Domenic Gargiulo
April 17Chieh (Jeffrey) Hsiao & Riley Hughes
April 24Mindy Hugo & Hui (Helen) Kuo
May 1Keifer Kurtz & Wendy Lin
May 8Billy Lu & Ahmed Mahmoud
May 15Chiara Mancinelli & John Ralls
May 22Daniel Stummer & Mildred Unti

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