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Postdoctoral Fellows

(updated 04/2020)

NameTitleLaboratory Head/Website
Ball, DanielResearch FellowDr. Daniel Bachovchin
Bhattacharjee, AbirResearch FellowDr. Daniel Bachovchin
Taabazuing, CorneliusResearch FellowDr. Daniel Bachovchin
Wang, QinghuiResearch FellowDr. Daniel Bachovchin
Ilter, DidemPostdoctoral AssociateDr. John Blenis
Gomes, Ana da SilvaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. John Blenis
He, LongPostdoctoral AssociateDr. John Blenis
Nagiec, MichalPostdoctoral AssociateDr. John Blenis
Schaffer, BethanyPostdoctoral AssociateDr. John Blenis
Hackett, ChristopherResearch FellowDr. Renier Brentjens
Jaspers, JannekePostdoctoral AssociateDr. Renier Brentjens
Khan, AbdulPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Renier Brentjens
Balbach, MelaniePostdoctoral AssociateDr. Jochen Buck & Dr. Lonny Levin
Marek, DrozdzPostdoctoral FellowDr. Jochen Buck & Dr. Lonny Levin
Zaman, Nawreen (Rahman)Postdoctoral AssociateDr. Jochen Buck & Dr. Lonny Levin
Bolaender, AlexanderResearch ScholarDr. Gabriela Chiosis
Digwal, ChanderResearch Fellow-Medicinal ChemistDr. Gabriela Chiosis
Joshi, SuhasiniPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Gabriela Chiosis
Pagare, PiyushaResearch Scholar-Medicinal ChemistDr. Gabriela Chiosis
Sharma, SahilPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Gabriela Chiosis
Wang, TaiResearch AssociateDr. Gabriela Chiosis
Yan, PengrongPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Gabriela Chiosis
Camila, Longo MachadoPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Jan Grimm
Katja, HaedickePostdoctoral AssociateDr. Jan Grimm
Priyanka, ShuklaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Jan Grimm
Skubal, MagdalenaResearch FellowDr. Jan Grimm
Sonay, AliResearch FellowDr. Jan Grimm
Sudeep, DasPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Jan Grimm
Tamura, RyoResearch FellowDr. Jan Grimm
Baquero, Jorge E.,Postdoctoral AssociateDr. Lorraine Gudas
Melis, MartaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Lorraine Gudas
Mere Del Aguila, EduardoPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Lorraine Gudas
Antman-Passig, MeravResearch FellowDr. Daniel Heller
Feiner, RonResearch FellowDr. Daniel Heller
Grabarnik, EmmaResearch FellowDr. Daniel Heller
Horoszko, ChristopherResearch FellowDr. Daniel Heller
Jena, Prakrit V.Postdoctoral AssociateDr. Daniel Heller
Kim, MijinResearch FellowDr. Daniel Heller
Manzari, MandanaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Daniel Heller
Yaari, ZviPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Daniel Heller
Speigel, IrisPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Hugh Hemmings
Despic, VladimirPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Dey, Sourav KumarPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Dumelie, JasonPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Hawley, BenjaminPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Litke, JakePostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Mirza, AashiqPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Murakami, ShinoPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Olarerin-George, AnthonyPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Pickering, BrianPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Suter, ScottPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Wu, JiahuiPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Zaccara, SaraPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Samie Jaffrey
Paolo, CifaniPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Alex Kentsis
Jubierre Zapater, LuzResearch FellowDr. Alex Kentsis
Keller, RossResearch FellowDr. Alex Kentsis
Luo, DanmengResearch FellowDr. Alex Kentsis
Uni, MasahiroResearch FellowDr. Alex Kentsis
Cheng, YuanmingResearch ScholarDr. Michael Kharas
Dinares, Gerard MinuesaResearch FellowDr. Michael Kharas
Luo, HanzhiResearch FellowDr. Michael Kharas
Nguyen, DiuResearch ScholarDr. Michael Kharas
Park, Sun MiResearch AssociateDr. Michael Kharas
Vu, LyResearch FellowDr. Michael Kharas
Carter, LukasResearch ScholarDr. Jason Lewis
Henry, KellyResearch FellowDr. Jason Lewis
Hernandez-Gil, JavierResearch FellowDr. Jason Lewis
Mason, ChristianResearch ScholarDr. Jason Lewis
Pacheco,  AlejandroResearch FellowDr. Jason Lewis
Pereira, PatriciaResearch FellowDr. Jason Lewis
Wilson, ThomasResearch FellowDr. Jason Lewis
Frost, GeorgiaPostdoctoral FellowDr. Yueming Li
Hur, JiPostdoctoral FellowDr. Yueming Li
Luan, JianVisiting ScholarDr. Yueming Li
Mekala, ShekarResearch FellowDr. Yueming Li
Nelson, GradyPostdoctoral FellowDr. Yueming Li
Sinha, AntaraPostdoctoral FellowDr. Yueming Li
Vartak, AbshishekPostdoctoral FellowDr. Yueming Li
Wong, EitanPostdoctoral FellowDr. Yueming Li
Zhai, JoannaPostdoctoral FellowDr. Yueming Li
Gilani, AnkitPostdoctoral AssociateDr. James Lo
Gomez-Banoy, NicolasPostdoctoral AssociateDr. James Lo
Rubio-Navarro, AlfonsoPostdoctoral AssociateDr. James Lo
Stoll, LisaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. James Lo
Clark, OwenResearch ScholarDr. Minkui Luo
Vivanco, IgorPostdoctoral FellowDr. Ingo Mellinghoff
Barisic, DarkoPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Batista, CarolinaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Isles, HannahPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Isshiki, YusukePostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Kawabata, KimihitoPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Kelly, MadisonPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Teater, MattPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Venturutti, LeandroPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Xia, MinPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Ying, Hsia-YuanPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Ari Melnick
Gade, AravindPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Geoffrey Pitt
Malvezzi, MattiaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Geoffrey Pitt
Matsui, MaikoPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Geoffrey Pitt
Ghazal, PashaPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Kristen Pleil
Rowson, SydneyPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Kristen Pleil
Skelly, Mary J.Postdoctoral AssociateDr. Kristen Pleil
Singh, RubiPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Arleen Rifkind
Gao, YijunResearch FellowDr. Neal Rosen
Kitai, HidenoriVisiting InvestigatorDr. Neal Rosen
Misale, SandraResearch AssociateDr. Neal Rosen
Seijas, VirginiaResearch FellowDr. Neal Rosen
Solomon, HillaResearch AssociateDr. Neal Rosen
Ciampricotti, MetamiaPostdoctoral ResearcherDr. Charles Rudin
Chow, AndrewMedical Oncology FellowDr. Charles Rudin
Taniguchi, HirokazuPostdoctoral FellowDr. Charles Rudin
Villalonga, AlvaroResearch FellowDr. Charles Rudin
Kang, Seol-HeePostdoctoral AssocaiteDr. Anthony Sauve
Gardner, ThomasResearch FellowDr. David Scheinberg
Klatt, Martin G.Research FellowDr. David Scheinberg
Peraro, LeilaResearch FellowDr. David Scheinberg
Barman, DiptiResearch AssociateDr. Derek Tan
Munoz, AlbertoPostdoctoral FellowDr. Derek Tan
Zhao, ShibinPostdoctoral FellowDr. Derek Tan
Brindley, ElizabethPostdoctoral AssociateDr. Miklos Toth
Taki, FatenVisiting FellowDr. Miklos Toth

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