We are proud to announce that Dr. Jacob Geri is a new assistant professor in the Pharmacology Dept. at Weill Cornell. Click here for more information on Dr. Geri's research and background.

Dr. Geri received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Michigan, and he did his postdoctoral research with Dr. MacMillan at Princeton University.  We are very excited that he is joining the faculty in our department.   Here is a brief summary of his research interests.  Mapping the sequences of protein interactions which drive disease phenotypes is a critical step towards drug discovery efforts. However, the transient and environmentally responsive nature of crucial disease-promoting protein interactions can make them difficult to discover. Research in the Geri Lab focuses on the development and application of optically controlled proximity labeling technologies designed to discover protein interactions with high spatial and temporal specificity. This work is highly multidisciplinary and collaborative, employing techniques from photochemistry, organic / inorganic synthesis, molecular biology, and pharmacology to address major biological questions. Dr. Geri's laboratory is in the Belfer Research Building. 


Sep 13, 2021



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