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Cancer Pharmacology Training Grant External Advisory Committee Meeting, March 25, 2016 10 AM to 1 PM

Here are pictures from the meeting, which consisted of four research talks plus a discussion of the training grant goals, etc. Dr. Steve Clinton and Dr. Don Bers, two of our 3 external advisors, participated in the meeting.

Pictured above: Cancer Pharmacology Trainees Danica Chiu, Corrine Foley, Christine Rotsides; External Advisor, Steve Clinton, Training Grant PI, Dr. Lorraine Gudas; Trainees Anthony Saviola, Claire Oh, Melissa Mathias, Leiping Fu, Anthony Olarerin-George, Brian Pickering, Katsuhiro Kita, Marta Melis, and Ryan Serio. (Not pictured: Bethany Schaffer and Tyler Thompson). On screen, External Advisor, Donald Bers.

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