External Advisory Committee Meeting 2016

Cancer Pharmacology Training Grant External Advisory Committee Meeting, March 25, 2016 10 AM to 1 PM

Here are pictures from the meeting, which consisted of four research talks plus a discussion of the training grant goals, etc. Dr. Steve Clinton and Dr. Don Bers, two of our 3 external advisors, participated in the meeting.

Pharmacology meeting.   Group picking up food from the buffet.

Trainees in Pharmacology meeting.   Trainees in Pharmacology meeting.

Trainees sitting in library.   Trainees watching the screen in Pharmacology meeting.

Laptops and slideshow in Pharmacology meeting.    Group sitting and smiling for the camera.

Pictured above: Cancer Pharmacology Trainees Danica Chiu, Corrine Foley, Christine Rotsides; External Advisor, Steve Clinton, Training Grant PI, Dr. Lorraine Gudas; Trainees Anthony Saviola, Claire Oh, Melissa Mathias, Leiping Fu, Anthony Olarerin-George, Brian Pickering, Katsuhiro Kita, Marta Melis, and Ryan Serio. (Not pictured: Bethany Schaffer and Tyler Thompson). On screen, External Advisor, Donald Bers.

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