WCMC School-wide Activities

A. Annual WCMC Postdoctoral Research Day. Fellows are invited to present their research as talks or posters.

Research Day, October 17, 2019.  The Annual Weill Cornell Postdoctoral Research Day was a big success.  The Keynote speaker was Dr. Michael Young, Nobel prize winner in Physiology in 2017.  Postdoctoral talks and poster sessions followed.  A Career Transition Panel discussion and a reception and dinner ended the day!    Here are some pictures from the event, which was both informative and fun.

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Research Day, September 18, 2014. The Annual Weill Cornell Postdoctoral Research Day was held on September 18, 2014. The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Shahin Rafii, and his talk was followed by a talk by Dr. Michael Foley, Director of the Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute. The organizers included Dr. Alison Urvalek and Dr. Kwame Osei-Sarfo, postdoctoral fellows in the lab of Dr. Lorraine Gudas.

Drs. Alison Urvalek, Lorraine Gudas, and Gianina Panaghie

Drs. Alison Urvalek, Lorraine Gudas, and Gianina Panaghie, a former Pharmacology Ph.D. student who now does research at PTC Therapeutics in New Jersey, enjoy the poster session. Many former graduates from the Pharmacology Ph.D. program are invited back to network with current students and fellows.

Auditorium conference  Woman explaining her poster

Colleagues networking Colleagues talking

Poster session with researchers.  Colleagues embracing

Research Day, April 4, 2013. The 8th Annual Weill Cornell Postdoctoral Research Day was a huge success. The day featured a keynote address by Dr. Petsko, a pharma panel discussion, & a lively poster session.

Postdoc auditorium presentation.  Presenter giving keynote address.

Presenter showing a graph.  Presenter addressing audience.

Researcher networking at event.  Postdocs mingling at event.

Reseacher showing graph.  Researcher presenting graph.

Colleagues sitting on bench.

Research Day, April 10, 2012
The 7th annual Weill Cornell Postdoctoral Research Day, held on April 10, 2012, was a great success! Here are some pictures from the poster session, one of the events this day. The Postdoctoral Research Day celebrates the activities and research achievements of the postdoctoral fellows here at Weill Cornell.

Researchers networking. Networking at an event.

Three female researchers. Colleagues standing together.

Researchers at poster session. . Researchers at bar.

Research Day, April 6, 2011

Speaker in auditorium.  Researchers standing together.

Auditorium audience Researchers standing together.

Researcher explaining poster. . Researchers mingling at event.

Researchers standing together.  Researchers mingling at event.

Research Day, April 16, 2010.

Researchers looking at posters. Students standing at bar.

Researchers standing together.

B. WCMC Postdoctoral Fellow Association. This association runs many school-wide social and scientific events each year.

C. Career Pathways Seminar Series. Monthly (generally) talk at 5or 6PM for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows on various career choices. There is a chance to talk to the speakers following the seminar.

D. Office of Diversity. Faculty Development lunch seminars, 3-4 times a year. Last one was on Work/Life Balance, March 15, 2010. Postdoctoral fellows are all invited to attend. Announcement about the seminars are sent by Francoice Freyer.

E. Club Biomed. Club Biomed is a partnership of students, fellows, faculty, and their associates created to: * Study companies that develop biomedical products * Pool our resources to purchase companies that we believe will be successful. If you would like to learn more about it, follow this link:

F. Principles of Clinical Pharmacology Course offered by CTSC. Principles of Clinical Pharmacology (Dr. Marcus Reidenberg) This is a formal graduate school course that is part of the MS in Clinical Investigation program initiated by the CTSC and meets Tuesdays during the Fall at 4 pm. Some of the Pharmacology seminars are part of the course. This course is based on an NIH clinical pharmacology course of 30 hours available on the Web. The text for the Weill Cornell course is the text of the NIH course. The course is 10 hours long. Outside speakers are part of the course. This year, three people from industry and Dr. Robert Temple from the FDA will be giving presentations on drug development from their respective points of view.

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