Alumni - Current Positions

If you are an alumnus and your information is not up to date, please contact Aileen Rosales at  (212) 746-6250 to provide us with your current information.   

(updated 05/2023)

Name Year of Graduation Advisor's Name Thesis Project Current Position
Chelsea Buma (Paresi) 2016 Li, Yueming

The Mechanism of Action of Novel Gamma-Secretase Modulators

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The University of Texas at Austin

Danica Chiu 2016 Li, Yueming The Non-Transcriptional Role of Hif-1? in the Activation and Regulation of ?-Secretase. Scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc - Greater New York City Area
Michael Kaufmann 2016 Mellinghoff, Ingo Understanding Signal Transduction in Ras-MAP Kinase Altered Glioma. Manager at PwC - Greater New York City Area
Elisabeth Wondimu 2016 Goldring, Mary Defining the Contribution of the E-74 Like Factor 3 (Elf3) to Cartilage Degradation in Osteoarthritis in Mice. Scientist - Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
Michael Boice 2015 Guido-Wendel, Hans

The TNFRSF14/HVEM Receptor is an Extrinsic Tumor Suppressor in Follicular Lymphoma.

VP, Scientific Engagement VP, Scientific Engagement - Translational Drug Development (TD2)


Tharu Fernando 2015 Melnick, Ari The Role of Heat Shock Factor 1 in Germinal Center B Cells and Lymphoma. Postdoctoral Fellow at Genentech San Francisco Bay Area
Rebecca Goldstein 2015 Melnick, Ari The Role of Hsp90 in B cell Receptor Signaling and Novel Combinatorial Therapies for ABC DLBCL. Senior Associate Scientist at Amgen San Francisco Bay Area
William Mills, IV 2015 Szeto, Hazel Reenergizing Mitochondria in Diabetic Ocular Tissue to Combat Visual Dysfunction. Healthcare Equity Analyst at Camber Capital Management, LLC
Denise Minton 2015 Gudas, Lorraine The Roles of HIF1-alpha and Target Gene NDUFA4L2 in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Associate Medical Director at The Scienomics Group - San Francisco Bay Area
Emma Laird Mitchell 2015 Toth, Miklos Maternal Programming of Behavior. Senior Clinical Trial Manager at Shionogi Inc. Greater New York City Area
Kerry Purtell 2015 Hemmings, Hugh

Effects of the General Anesthetic Isoflurane on Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels and the Presynaptic Action Potential.

Associate Program Officer, Helmsley Charitable Trust

Courtney Marie Alexander 2014 Li, Yueming Identification of ?-Secretase Endogenous Regulators: From Substrate to Inhibitor Senior Associate Scientific Director at Lockwood - Randolph, New Jersey
Brittany Carson 2014 Brown, Anthony PERK Dependent Inhibition of Wnt Signaling by the Unfolded Protein Response Medical Writer, Toronto Canada
Tony Davis 2014 Tan, Derek

Chemical Biology Approaches Towards Cell-Permeable Antibacterials Targeting Non-Ribosomal Peptide Biosynthesis

Faculty, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at SUNY Binghamton University

Alex Hansler 2014 Gross, Steven

Untargeted Metabolomics to Assess Metabolic Consequences of Gene Mutations in Early Stage Murine Embryos and Bacteria

Strategic Manager @ Metabolon, Inc.