Alumni - Current Positions

If you are an alumnus and your information is not up to date, please contact Aileen Rosales at  (212) 746-6250 to provide us with your current information.   

(updated 05/2023)

Name Year of Graduation Advisor's Name Thesis Project Current Position
Aneesh Sheth 2013 Scheinberg, David Inhibition of Mitochondrial Peptide Deformylase Causes Apoptosis in C-myc Overexpressing Cancers CEO, Dr. Sheth Enterprises, Mumbia, India
Matthew Sung 2013 Giannakakou, Paraskevi

Towards the Understanding of Clinical Taxane Resistance

Director at AstraZeneca

Rui Wang 2013 Luo, Minkui Profiling Substrates of Protein Methyltransferases with SAM Analogues and Engineered Enzymes Senior Scientist at AbbVie Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jacob Bitterman 2012 Levin/Buck Pharmacologic and Genetic Modulation of Adenylyl Cyclase Activity. Residue Chemistry Reviewer at FDA CVM Washington D.C. Metro Area/Pharmaceuticals
Aikaterini Chatzi 2012 Melnick, Ari Mechanisms of BCL6 Transcriptional Repression in Germinal Center B cells and Lymphoma Postdoctoral Fellow, Ari Melnik lab, WCMC
Jonathan Chen 2012 Levin/Buck Molecular Identification of Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase in Somatic Tissues. Radiation Oncology Resident Physician at Weill Cornell Medicine Greater New York City Area
Ken Hess 2012 Buck/Levin

A cAMP Microdomain Contained Within Eukaryotic Mitochondria

Associate Director, Business Development Analytics at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies (U.S.)

Jonathan Wei Ji Chang 2012 Shuman, Stewart Formation and Roles of the Trimethylguanosine Cap Update Coming Soon
Mark Lundquist 2012 Jaffrey, Samie MICAL-2 Regulates Nuclear Actin Postdoctoral Researcher, Meyer Cancer Center (Cantley Lab) Weill Cornell Medicine
Tal Nuriel 2012 Gross, Steven Unbiased Identification and Quantification of Protein Nitration Sites and Investigation of their Reversibility Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University, New York
Megan Ricard-Place 2012 Gudas, Lorraine The role of Cyp26a1in spinal motor neuron differentiation Pipeline and Portfolio Planning Manager at Genentech San Francisco Bay Area
Pamela Wille 2012 Gross, Steven Nitric Oxide and Protein Ubiquitination: Discovery and Characterization of the E3 Ubiquitin Ligase RNF25as a Target of NO Group Copy Supervisor at DDB Health
Dou Youn 2012 Sauve, Anthony Nicotinamide Riboside as a New Vitamin B3 and Studies on NAD+ Signaling. Postdoctoral Fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NYC
Anna Zaydman(Federman) 2012 Hemmings, Hugh Protein Phosphatase-1 Regulation by the Novel Cyclin-Dependent Kinase PFTK1 Medical Writer at Articulate Science, London UK
Eleanor Allen 2011 Sauve, Anthony

Insight into Enzymes Which Synthesize and Metabolize NAD+ and New NAD+ Prodrugs

Director US Access Strategy - Immunology at Bristol Myers Squibb